Valorence, LLC (DBA: Covert Law Enforcement) is issuing a parts recall on three screws associated with The Advanced Pole Camera and Dual Purpose Modular Pole Cameras that were manufactured between August of 2019 and August of 2021, and were HIGH-PERFORMANCE MODELS ONLY. The High-Performance Models use the Axis Q6135 camera.

If you are receiving this notice, it is because your police agency was determined to have most likely purchased one of these systems. This recall is a simple fix that can be managed without having to return the camera system. However, failure to fix could have a dramatic impact on camera functionality if not addressed properly. We have currently seen about a 5% failure rate, but repair after failure can be very expensive to the end-user if the warranty is out of date.

Axis Q6125 PTZ Camera


The Affected camera systems were built using 16mm screws on the base of the Axis Q6135. 16mm is inadequate to hold the camera enclosure together and needs to be replaced with 20mm screws on the Advanced Pole Camera and 25mm screws on the Duel Purpose Modular Pole Camera System. Although a majority of the camera systems have held together fine with the 16 mm screws, we have learned that some movement of the camera system can cause the camera to come apart and sever the electrical connection in the camera. Repair for this can be over $1600 if out of warranty. 


Please fill out the form below to receive your Recall packet. The fix will take approximately 5 minutes per camera upon receiving the proper parts. We advise that you initiate the recall immediately so we can ship you the needed screws. If your camera system is currently deployed in a stationary location, it is likely that you can finish the current deployment, but we recommend that it not be moved to another location without first bringing it back to the police department and replacing the recall parts. This recall is valid for all applicable products regardless of warrantee status. If damage results outside of warranty or beyond January 1 2022 as a result of failure to initiate the recall, the costs associated with the failure will be incurred by the agency.  

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