We don’t just offer an initial training session; we follow up with our agencies on an as needed basis as well. We will make ourselves available to conduct impromptu training when it is needed. We will help those agents in the field who may need instruction on deployment tactics or a new supervisor that wants a better understanding of what our equipment does. We pride ourselves on our ease of access and availability to help departments get the assistance that they need when they need it.


Technical Management

We don’t just offer technical support; we provide full technical management. We have the capability of monitoring and controlling every aspect of our equipment from our offices. We can remotely restart and program the camera systems by using the cellular data network, or the SMS cellular service. We can determine the complete status of the equipment, including the ventilation, solar charge, and temperature. We often have agents call us from the point of deployment and request that we establish preset positions for them while they are on the scene. We can’t meddle with the equipment without any prior consent from the case agent, but we are often able to advise our clients of a problem before they knew they existed.

All our equipment comes with the first year of full technical management from the date of delivery. We offer additional Technical Management Contracts for a yearly or monthly fee.



Manufacturing Warranty

Because we manufacture most of our advanced products, and not just sell them; you deal directly with us to correct any issues that may develop on our advanced systems. Our manufacturing warranty covers full replacement costs for any manufacturing defects. We will cover costs for shipping, labor, and parts. The warranty does not cover theft or damage as a result of any mishandling. Most government agency insurance plans will accept our product for insurance coverage at a very minimal coverage (pennies a month) from theft and/or damage as a result of any mishandling.

All our camera systems have a full warranty for the first year from date of delivery. Additional years of warranty service can be purchased with an annual or monthly agreement.


Those items purchased or available on the "ON-LINE STORE" are resale items. We will work with you to fix them through the distribution chain. We will offer an 80% refund on items that work but are unwanted.