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Frequently Asked Questions

We love to answer any questions that you might have. If our FAQ page can't answer it, we can! Give us a call at: 27/4 888-621-5558. Covert Law Enforcement Surveillance Systems are remote view and remote control systems. All Advanced Covert Systems can be...


  Covert Law Enforcement: POLE/WINDOW CAM Distance: 36X Optical Zoom Night Vision: .008 lux capabilities Leading the industry in low light imaging Recording: On Board Storage - 30 fps 4G Remote Recording Uptime: Remote Access Reset...

Graffiti Stopper

For years there have been repeated problems with Graffiti on this particular underpass which is located at a prominent park within this agencies jurisdiction. Within a day of cleaning up the previous incidents, more graffiti would quickly appear.  This...

Rip Buy

On this particular investigation there were two separate Covert Law Enforcement Surveillance systems used for several weeks. As the time drew close for an undercover agent to purchase several pounds of Meth, a rip buy was set up in a near by parking lot....

Do-It-Yourself Pole Cams

Should Your Agency Build an Advanced Surveillance System? It seems that every department in the nation is fortunate enough to have an officer that, behind all the knuckle dragging toughness, is truly a geek at heart. You know who I am talking about, the...

Valuable Resources

Quality undercover police surveillance tactics can be affected by the size of the law enforcement agency. Even the best training and education on techniques can be rendered invalid if the officers don’t have the resources that they need to be...


Spotlight: Covert Law Enforcement specializes in outdoor long-range surveillance equipment, designed for covert law enforcement investigations. Company Name: Covert Law Enforcement Headquarters: Logan, Utah Signature Product: Covert Law Enforcement  Website:...

Case Law – Pole Cams

The legal system recently put up another noteworthy roadblock in the fight against criminal activity. The court has once again tightened the cords on the hands of law enforcement. We all understand the importance of the 4th amendment, but the fear...

Ultra Low Light

Camera technology is like the human eye in that it can only see objects or scenes by taking in and processing the light that is present. Just as we struggle to see clearly when the light in a room are turned off, many video cameras must cope with low light...


After receivng burglary reports in over 10 different residence, with over 50 firearms burged, this agency depoloyed a Covert Law Enforcement Surveillance System on a group of traveling sales persons that had been seen in the area. The large group of 16...

Advanced Covert Systems Specifically for Law Enforcement


Covert Law Enforcement specializes in manufacturing Covert Pole Cameras (Pole Cam's), and outdoor long-range surveillance equipment, designed for covert law enforcement investigations. Our clients are Local, State, and Federal law enforcement agencies. 

Covert Law Enforcement has covert surveillance equipment and camera systems in some of the coldest, hottest, and most humid areas of the United States. We have 1000’s of hours and Tens of 1000’s of dollars in research and development, 1000’s of hours of actual law enforcement investigative experience, and 1000’s of hours of surveillance deployments. We manufacture law enforcement cameras, and (don’t mind if I do…) we do it very well. We understand law enforcement, and we are available 24/7/365 on a personal level as well as a professional one. We work hard to provide a service, not just a product. We work with new officers on the system as they rotate into the investigative unit, and are available to help  during set up covert video surveillance equipment while officers are in the field and need assistance.


Covert Law Enforcement has researched and developed covert video surveillance systems specific to the needs of Law Enforcement. As a result, we have been able to produce video undercover camera systems that far outperform any other law enforcement video surveillance equipment on the market. The quality, capabilities, and ease of use are unparalleled. Our Covert Video Surveillance systems have been meticulously designed and built to provide easy and efficient police surveillance techniques for outdoor video surveillance. With years of experience and hundreds of deployments, Covert Law Enforcement equipment has been used in all facets of criminal investigation and monitoring. Some of the investigations and applications that our law enforcement surveillance camera systems are used for vary from metal theft, gang investigations, child protection, increased officer safety, SWAT operations, narcotics investigations, graffiti investigations, RICO investigations, illegal dumping, environmental protection, human trafficking, high crime area monitoring, prostitution stings, special events monitoring, incident command monitoring, warrant services, and homicide investigations.

    • Metal Theft
    • Gang Investigations
    • Child Protection
    • Officer Safety
    • SWAT Operations
    • High Crime Monitoring
    • Prostitution Stings

    Narcotics investigations

    • Graffiti investigations
    • RICO investigations
    • Illegal dumping
    • Human trafficking
    • Special events monitoring
    • Incident command monitoring
    • Warrant service


    • GPS Tracking
    • GPS Bait Products
    • GPS Historical Record
    • Indoor Surveillance
    • Audio Surveillance
    • Wireless Surveillance
    • Body Worn Surveillance
    • Licensed Bonded and Insured

    Advanced Video Surveillance

    • Remote View
    • Remote Control
    • Environmentally Camouflage
    • Custom Design
    • Climate Controlled
    • Self-Sustained
    • Undercover Officer Vehicles
    • Pinhole installations
    • Extended Battery Supply
    • Alarm Settings
    • Multiple Failsafes
    • High-power Optical Zoom
    • H.264 Compression
    • Bait Vehicles
    • Surveillance Car/Truck/Suv
    • Surveillance Van Options

    Live Audio Surveillance

    • MMS Capabilities
    • True Cover Team Capability
    • Replaces Traditional Body Wires
    • Any Cell Phone - Any Carrier
    • Highest Security in Industry
    • LETS Body Wire Surveillance
    • LETS Audio Surveillance
    • Two-Way Communication Capabilities
    • Operates Independent of Data
    • Can Replace Audio Recorders
    • Use Existing CI phone/number
    • Burner Numbers Available
    • Highly Secure
    • Low-frequency Body Wire Options
    • Compact Surveillance

    • Body Worn
    • Indoor wireless
    • Independent recording
    • In Car
    • Daily Applications

    • GPS Tracking
    • Outdoor Basic Surveillance
    • Trail Cams
    • Key Fob Recorders
    • Holsters
    • Covert Radio Accessories
    • Jacket Hides
    • Night Vision
    • Lapel Cams