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What's in the bundle?

Gym Bag Repeater

The Gym Bag Repeater is compatible with all narrow-band VHF high band FM transmitters of matching frequency.

  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • Great for use with wristwatch transmitter
  • Plenty of extra storage room inside bag
  • 125-Hour standby
  • 2 Watt power output
  • Built into popular style gym bag

Book Bag Repeater

The Book Bag Repeater is compatible with all narrow-band VHF high band FM transmitters and receivers of matching frequency.

  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • Great for use with wristwatch transmitter
  • Plenty of extra storage room inside bags
  • 125-Hour standby

1-Watt Synthesized Transmitter-Digital Recorder

The 1-Watt Transmitter/Digital Recording System features a 1-watt audio transmitter with a digital recorder for backup built all in one unit. Now available with removable media (micro SD Card).


Covert Law Enforcement video surveillance systems are comprised of only the best quality products on the market. We strive to achieve perfection, and it is apparent in our product design and manufacturing.  Having worked high priority investigations, we understand the need to have reliable and easy to use tools. Our camera systems are quickly deployed, with multiple deployment options.

Remote view

Using a computer, cell phone, or a tablet; case agents can watch their suspects from anywhere in the world. The IP Axis cameras that we use are the leading cameras in the surveillance industry. The cameras are recognized and compatible with virtually all surveillance software, whether it is recording software, or an app on a tablet you will have few issues getting them to work appropriately. Our cameras are so easily viewed that it makes leaving work difficult because your suspect is always available to watch on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Pan Tilt Zoom

Covert Law Enforcement Surveillance systems are capable of gathering intelligence from a block away. The zoom feature allows case agents to zoom in and read a license plate from over 300 feet away. The cameras move fast enough that preset positions can be changed within 1.5 seconds and slow enough that they can follow a person walking that is 500 feet away.

Solar/Battery Power

Tired of charging or changing batteries? This Self-Sustained Solar/Battery unit can power the system a minimum 7-12 days of continuous use! Covert Law Enforcement proudly provides 2 different options (200 AH AGM or 250 AH Lithium-Ion) battery setups to help you get the most out of your Advanced Covert System.

200 AH AGM 
Battery Duration: 7-9 Days of Continuous Use
Box Weight: 255 lbs.
Battery Life: 3-5 years
250 AH Lithium-Ion
Battery Duration: 9-12 Days of Continuous Use
Box Weight: 160 lbs.
Battery Life: 10 years
Remote Restarts

Modern technology is amazing, and the things that we are capable of doing now have already exceeded the imaginations of 20 years ago. However, all electronics do occasionally fail. Covert Law Enforcement has several fail-safes set up to correct any issues that may come up. Our cameras are programmed to do a complete physical power off/on cycle daily. This allows the system to operate from a fresh perspective every day. In addition to this programming, we can remotely restart the system via the internet, or even by sending it a text message.


Cellular networks have become more and more reliable. The ability to transmit the signal and record the video at a remote server is ideal for playback and case review. Case Agents can watch an entire day in 15 minutes. Whether you're using your own server, or ours, playback will be easy.

Although Cellular networks are available in most deployment areas, they are not always available, and the videos can be choppy at times. Covert Law Enforcement video systems not only transmit the video to be recorded at another location, but they also record the video inside the box as well. It is recorded at 30fps (real time) on an SD card that is capable of retaining the video for over 5 days, using “first-in-first-out” technology.


The Box Camera video system is capable of being set up in a location where criminal activity is expected, and it will send a notification to the Case Agent that the perimeter has been breached. This is ideal for metal theft, and graffiti investigations. Although motion activated alarms are possible, we have learned through experience that the trip wire alarm is by far the most effective form of alarm. We have designed this feature to set up and use easy.

Standard Utility Box Design
  • Environmentally invisible, blends into virtually any urban environment
  • Custom built and designed for optimal use of all the features
  • Built-in cooling fans with thermostat and remote monitoring
Self Sustaining Power Supply
  • 12-volt battery powered with a standard 115-volt float charger
  • Can be used and plugged in for extended use
  • Built-in solar panel for extended battery charging
    • Allows for up powering of fans and charging of batteries
  • Removable camera for exterior vehicle placement
  • Remote access on-off switch for extended battery supply
  • Custom built power monitoring device
    • Overheat protection temperature shut off switch
    • Steady power voltage regulator
Tripwire Notifications
  • The most reliable form of remote notification is a physical interruption in the environment
  • Text message notification to alert Case Agents that someone has entered an area that is being monitored, which will allow for an immediate response.
Remote System Control
  • Reset the system by sending a text
  • Set timers for the system to reset daily using the internet
  • Monitor the temperature of the equipment from your phone or computer
Night Time Video Quality
  • Day and night functionality allows high image quality to be maintained even in low light conditions
4G Cellular Network & Wifi Control
  • Remote viewing and recording using the 3G / 4G network, or WiFi
    • Compatible with most wireless networks
  • Over 780 Feet of WiFi range
  • Integrated Virtual Private Network
Recording Options/Features
  • Prioritized Stream Control
    • Allows for a dedicated from the camera to the network recorder
  • SDHC/SD Memory card slot for manual recording
    • Network failure backup
    • Onsite digital file recorded if wireless is not available
    • Recorded at 30 fps
Digital IP Pan Tilt Zoom Camera
  • 30 X Optical Zoom
  • H .264 Compression
    • Data is transmitted faster
    • Data takes up less storage space
  • Moving at 450º/second, our cameras high-speed precision turning allows for preset arrival in less than 1.5 seconds
  • Moving as slow as 0.05º/second our cameras can follow a walking person at a distance of 1300 ft
Remote View
-Remote viewing and recording using
the cellular network, or WiFi
-Over 780 Feet of WiFi range
-Integrated Virtual Private Network