PRESS RELEASE: Valorence, LLC 02/01/2021

New Law Enforcement Pole Camera has the ability to deploy covertly or with high visibility to provide extra security and safety.

Logan, Utah - Valorence, LLC, a U.S. Manufacturer of Covert Surveillance Equipment has released their new surveillance system, The Dual Purpose Modular Pole Camera (DPM Surveillance System). This long-range high-powered outdoor surveillance system is capable of being deployed discreetly as a covert surveillance camera disguised as a standard utility box pole camera, Or as an overt, high-visibility camera system. With the DPM Surveillance System, it is no longer necessary to maintain two different types of surveillance cameras. The DPM Surveillance System can be deployed on a suspected drug house one day, and the community marathon the next. The high visibility LED flashing light can be turned on or off remotely to allow for an extra sense of security or warning in those areas where police presence is needed.

Using decades of law enforcement and surveillance experience, Valorence has successfully developed one of the smallest, light-weight, mobile, and modular high-powered surveillance systems in the industry. There is always a need for cities and different departments within those cities to be able to monitor specific areas at specific times. The DPM Surveillance System can be deployed for long term or short term, from months to hours. The DPM Surveillance System Pole Camera is ideal for those communities that are constantly changing and is available, not just to law enforcement, but all government agencies and private citizen groups.

The DPM Pole Camera can quickly be deployed at the fairgrounds, the baseball diamonds, or along the marathon route. Live surveillance can greatly improve the ability to coordinate and monitor group gatherings like protests and sporting events. Each surveillance system can record data onboard or stream it back to any of the major video management platforms for backup and easy playback of the data. Historical video playback provides accurate accounting of incidents and can facilitate the investigation of criminal activity. The DPM Pole Camera delivers the ability to manage and surveil large crowds or troubled areas in the city with relatively little effort. When the DPM Pole Camera is not needed for a specific event it can always be deployed to help with trouble areas or traffic monitoring, regardless of what is going on in the city.

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About Valorence, LLC

Valorence LLC primarily does business with the law enforcement community under the name Covert Law Enforcement ( and has offered state-of-the-art video surveillance equipment for over 10 years. Valorence takes great pride in the quality that they offer, and only partners with the best in the industry. Valorence is able to provide the highest uptime in the industry by the use of proprietary hardware that has multiple fail-safes and by partnering with brands such as AXIS Communications, Milestone Security, and Cradlepoint.