Covert Patrol Front-Body Cam


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Covert Front - Body Worn
Stand Alone Camera
Simplify your day. As an officer, you don’t need to hassle with camera buttons that you will never use in the real world. The BWC100 body worn camera’s rugged and simple 3 button design simplifies the evidence capture process while giving you all the power and features you need. No wires, no worries, no gagetizing – it just does its job.

This body camera is rugged yet lightweight using the latest carbon fiber technology. Wear with confidence that it will stand up to the rigors of your day.

Covert Front Technology
The Covert Front sees what you see, nothing more and nothing less. With the best low light in the industry, it adjusts to bright light and low light just like the human eye.

Covert Front Solution
The new Covert Front speaker mic with integrated body camera interfaces securely with our complete private cloud evidence management Solution. The Covert Front Solution includes body cameras, docking stations, VidVault EMS™ software, and storage. All installed at your site as a turnkey solution making sure you are CJIS compliant at all times.

Covert Front Specifications
Field of View 92º
Video Format MPEG4
Battery Life 12 hrs +
Storage 8, 16 ,32 ,64 GB
WiFi Offload and streaming configurable
Bluetooth Yes
Storage required 0.785 GB per hour of recorded video
Pre-event buffer Configurable
IP Rating IP67
Drop Test 6 ft (1.8m)
Vibration Dampening Yes
Operating Temperature -6º F to 124º ( -20º C to 50º C )
VidDock 10 unit Docking Station
Triggering Equiped Yes
Video Resolution 640×480 with Covert Front Technology

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