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Covert VM
"Video in the shoulder mic you already wear"
Nothing added to your uniform
Nothing added to your duty belt
Have the option to be covert
Simple to use
Covert VM is a fully functioning shoulder mic, however, it also has the following additional features:

Covert VM is a full-color digital video recorder
A digital audio Recorder
A full-color still photo camera
Does not require monthly fees to operate or store the data
Covert VM
Enhances Officer Safety
Reduces frivolous Law Suits
Reduces Agency Liability
Increases the Likelihood of Successful Prosecution
Reduce Court Appearances Time for Officers
Improve Community/Media Perceptions of Police
Enhance in Service Training (Post Incident Use of Video)
Enhances Officer Performance and Professionalism
Simplify Incident Review
Reduce Time Spent on Written Reports
Covert VM is useful in a myriad of situations:
Traffic Stops
Domestic Violence Calls
Crime Scene Investigations
Attempted Suicide Calls
During Prisoner Transport
While Booking Suspects
Establishing Probable Cause
Taking Witness Statements
Confirming Lawful Entry
Documenting Resisting Arrest
Documenting Lawful Use or Force
Verifying Proper and Needed Use of Restraints
Covert VM can be used in all aspects of Public Safety:
Police Departments
Sheriff's Departments
Fire Departments
Correctional Facilities
Military Police
EMS Personnel
Private Security Agencies
Casino and Club Security
Airport, Railroad, and Port Security
Court, School, and Hospital Security
Retail Management
Construction Supervisors
Advanced File Management Software is FREE with Purchase of Covert VM. Training, Tech Support, and Updates are FREE for the first year.
TAG videos by date, officer’s name, case #, citation #, title, and more.
SEARCH and quickly retrieve files by keyword, citation #, case #, date, officer’s name, and more.
BURN with one click to DVD or CD.
TOOLKIT allows you to split, rotate, and enhance.
IMPORT video and still photo files from other sources into the Covert VM program for easy management of all your video evidence.
EXPORT and email video files for immediate use by attorneys, chiefs, city administrators, Internal Affairs, and more.
PROTECT the chain of custody of evidence with multiple safeguards such as embedded date and time stamp, serial number recognition, coded entries, supervisor’s audit trail, and more.
Storage Solutions:
Video Evidence is no longer something nice to have, it is mandatory. However, with every officer on every shift gathering hours of video, it can be a burdensome and expensive task. Covert VM is capable of integrating with most existing infrastructure, but if you need assistance we can help evaluate your needs and current infrastructure. Just call for an appointment.

Contact us to get the appropriate Radio Model, The Covert VM is compatible with most Motorola Radios, and several other brands.

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