SLE Outdoor Utility Box Infrared Camera


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Night Vision Camera!
Can brighten up to a 15'X 15' room.

This camera has built-in invisible inferred (IR) LED lights capable of
record in total darkness. The invisible IR lights do not produce visible
light nor can they be noticed. This camera doesn't produce any Sounds.
Just invisible IR lights to brighten the area for the camera to see at night.

Totally Covert Spy Camera, No Pinhole and No SD Card Exposed outside the box camera unit!!

Stealth recording is made easy with our new line of our Self-Recording Spy Cameras and Digital Video Recorders. The camera is activated by motion detection. The camera records 10 seconds-2 minutes video clips onto a SD card inside the unit. The recorded video has a Time/Date stamp, displaying the time and date that the video was created. (1) 2GB SD card included with purchase.

The 4 Easy Steps!
1: Insert the SD card, then plug the power cord into an outlet.
2: Aim the camera where you want to record.
3: Disconnect the power, take out the card, and view the video on your computer.
4: Repeat.

All of the original functions of the Outdoor Utility Box work.
Powered by the Outdoor Utility Box’s own power cord.
The camera is pointing out and slightly up.
Viewing angle is 80 degrees wide and 70 degrees tall.
There are no beeps, no lights, no noise and no sign that a camera or recorder is inside.
Video is easily playable on Windows Media Player or any other player. (DivX, etc.)
We have a support page on our website where we offer SECURE software downloads, answer common technical issues, installation information and general support.
Technical phone support is available during our normal business hours.

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NO Audio, Audio w/ 2 Way Talk, Audio Only

Storage (SD)

4 GB SD, 8 GB SD, 16 GB SD, 32 GB SD

Storage Accessories

None, SD Card Reader

Camera Type

420 TVL Color, 500 TVL Color/BW, 600 TVL Color/BW