SLE Rear View Mirror Camera


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720P HD 1280x720 Resolution @ 30 FPS, Time and Date Stamped.
16GB SD Card Included, Supports Up to 64GB SD Card
Motion Detection recording for saving SD space to reach longer record time,
Auto Recycle for continuous recording
Customer can use program remote to change camera setting
Clip on mirror. Includes TV out plug and programmable remote
powered by a 12 hour rechargeable battery or 12V Cigar Lighter plug


This mirror is just the item you need if you're looking for a covert camera for your car. It looks exactly like any other mirror but it also contains a built in camera. Just clip onto your original car mirror and the camera is ready to go. It also have the added benefit of being permitted pretty much anywhere. Place it in your car to record inside and nobody will know it's anything but a normal mirror. Supports up to 64GB SD Cards and sports full color high quality video and full motion detection.

Can be used as a simple covert setup camera for bait cars or for additional LEO security inside a patrol vehicle. Removable SD card with auto recycling feature for long term deployment.

Technical Specs:

Resolution: 720P HD 1280x720 @ 30fps
Viewing angle: 72°
Storage: Supports up to 64GB SD cards
Storage Consumption: ~1GB consumed every 30 mins, auto recycling

1x Mirror Spy Camera
1x 16GB SD Card
1x TV out plug
1x Instruction Booklet
1x Program Remote
1x Battery Charger Compatible with Windows up to Win8 and Mac OSX

Additional information


110V AC or 5V DC Plug, 12 Hour Continuous Battery, 18 Hour Continuous Battery, 24 Hour Continuous Battery, 30 Day Standby Battery, 60 Day Standby Battery

Storage (SD)

16 GB SD, 32 GB SD, 64 GB SD