SLE Rock Camera


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Built to order - Call to make changes in battery life, SD card size. Product ships in 3 to 5 days.

Self-Powered Spy Camera
Great for outdoor use, or anywhere that power in not readily available. The new Self-Powered Spy Cameras offers outstanding covert security recording in a completely self contained package. Hi-Resolution video images are recorded on a small SD card whenever motion is detected. Rechargeable batteries operate unit (Armed mode) up to 1 month on a single charge. ~

* 1 piece fully-functional Outdoor decorative Rock
* 1 piece Camera and DVR unit (4.3mm Color CMOS 1MP, 0.5Lux, 1280x720 resolution, 30FPS.)
* 1 piece battery charger.
* 1 piece 64 GB
* 1 piece TV out Cable
* 1 piece Programming Remote control

Step 1: Insert the SD card, then connect the battery cable.
Step 2: Aim the camera where you want to record.
Step 3: Disconnect the battery cable, take out the card, and view the video on your computer.
Step 4: Repeat.

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NO Audio, Audio w/ 2 Way Talk, Audio Only


30 Days, 60 Day Battery, 90 Day Battery

Storage (SD)

8 GB SD, 16 GB SD, 32 GB SD