After receivng burglary reports in over 10 different residence, with over 50 firearms burged, this agency depoloyed a Covert Law Enforcement Surveillance System on a group of traveling sales persons that had been seen in the area. The large group of 16 members were staying at a local hotel, and had been moving property in and out of two different utility traliers for several weeks. The camera systems were easily placed directly Behind the Utility trailers.

The trailers were monitored for several days without any activity. On one occasion the off duty Detective checked his phone to see that the group was preparing to leave the area. The Detective quickly got on his home computer and was able to gather invaluable inteligance. Zooming in the camera he was able to accurately identify firearms in the trailers. He witnessed, and recorded, several guns being moved between the two trailers. At one point he witnessed one of the suspects point the gun out the back of the trailer and the other suspects quickly jumped out of the way.

On a Sunday afternoon he gathered a small army of patrolman, and they were able to conduct felony traffic stops on two 15 passanger vans as they prepared to levave the hotel. A warrant was obtained to search the vehicles, and evidence of several different types of criminal activites were identified. 14 of the 16 persons involved were taken into custody on various criminal charges.