Valorence, LLC Recycling Program


As an environmentally responsible manufacturer we seek out components that are Electronic Product Environment Assessment Tool (EPEAT) Certified. As a whole, our equipment is not EPEAT Certified, but we work to use and develop with this certification in mind. We are always willing to take back any of our equipment for recycling free of charge. Although we do not take products for recycling that are not manufactured or sold by Valorence, LLC, we gladly dispose of any equipment that we manufacture or sale once it arrives at our facility. 


We work with Metech Recycling, Logan City Environmental Department, and Cache Valley Recycling in order to safely recycle any metal enclosures, electronic components, and/or other plastics.  Our products are stripped down at our facility and separated into electronic and other materials before being transferred to our recycling partners where they are safely reused in other products. 

For details and certifications on the recycling programs of our various partners please visit the following partner websites: