Law Enforcement surveillance has changed drastically over the last decade. With advanced technology, warrants, and proper subpoenas, Law enforcement is able to review computer use, driving location behavior, phone records, electronic communication, and social media. Here are some ways technology is changing the surveillance industry.

Cars Can Be Used to Track Historical and Real Time Location
New Car manufacturers have collaborated with Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Many of the technologies with smartphone devices are integrating into vehicle. Most new cars collect extensive amounts of information on the drivers which include how fast they were driving, where they went, and more. Suspect information can also be disseminated and retrieved from third-party companies who evaluate driving habits.. Approximately two million cars that have owners with subprime loans have been furnished with starter interrupt devices. These devices enable lenders to remotely disable the suspects vehicle’s starter if payments are missed. With proper legal steps this could be used to facilitate the apprehension of suspects in high risk investigations. All this is additional the covert GPS tracking devices offered by Covert Law Enforcement.

IP Networked Security and Traffic Cameras
Analog security cameras have been known to lack the level of detail needed to properly identify criminals. Historically, many of the Analog surveillance videos would be low-fi, blurry, and grainy. Fortunately, with modern city infrastructure, private security systems, and covert video surveillance, this is no longer as big of an issue. Many new security cameras record footage in ultra 4K HD. Covert Law Enforcement offers surveillance features which include but are not limited to tripwire settings, motion detection, and scene change alerts. When covert video surveillance equipment is combined with the appropriate video recorder and software, one officer can perform the work that it would have traditionally taken several detectives many weeks to perform.

Solar-Powered Surveillance Equipment
One Challenge for Law Enforcement covert surveillance equipment is the ability to keep them powered throughout the day and night. Covert Law Enforcement offers has several solutions, some of them include solar power integrated into the surveillance equipment. Long battery life and the use of lithium-Ion Batteries also provide users with many options for those hard to reach locations.

Social Media Surveillance
Not only can a well justified warrant or subpoena provide mounts of evidence, but Law Enforcement can benefit a great deal from maintaining tabs on the local criminal element. It is important that this valuable tool not be overlooked in the fight to maintain a safe community.